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To view the SA rates, please type in your name and SA cell number below.

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SA Cell No:

Daily Rates
(All prices are quoted in United States Dollars and exclude government tax of 15%)

Plains Game - per person per day

1 Hunter - POR
2 Hunters - POR
Observer - POR

Dangerous Game - per person per day

1 Hunter - POR

Daily rates include:

* Full board and lodging during your safari
* Transport during your safari - within the Limpopo province
* Drinking Water, Soft drinks, Local beer & wine in moderation
* Services of a licensed, professional hunter
* Skinning and Field preparation of trophies
* Daily laundry service

Daily rates exclude:

*Charters or Air Travel
*Hunting license and trophy fees
*Rifle and ammunition hire
*Delivery of trophies to taxidermist and taxidermist fees
*Preparation, packing, documentation and export of trophies from South Africa
*Hard tack liquor
*Dispatching of personal luggage
*Government tax on daily rate (14%)
* Transfers by road to and from airport.

Species Price List
(All prices are quoted in United States Dollars and exclude government tax of 15%)

Dangerous Game

Buffalo (SA) - POR
Leopard - POR
Elephant - POR
Rhinoceros - POR
Lion - POR
Hippo - POR
Crocodile - POR
Hyena - POR

Plains Game


Species Price Species Price
Blesbuck POR Oribi POR
Impala POR Waterbuck POR
Warthog POR Southern Greater Kudu POR
Springbok (common) POR Eland Cape POR
Common Duiker POR Nyala POR
Steenbok POR Tsessebe POR
Bushpig POR Giraffe POR
Ostrich POR Blue Duiker POR
White Blesbuck POR Bontebok POR
Caracal POR Eland Livingston POR
Black Wildebeest POR Hartmann's Zebra POR
Blue Wildebeest POR Kafue Lechwe POR
Burchells Zebra POR Lichtenstein's Hartebeest POR
Bushbuck POR Red Duiker POR
Mountain Reedbuck POR Red Lechwe POR
Red Hartebeest POR Roan Antelope POR
Common Reedbuck POR Sable POR
Gemsbok/Oryx POR Serval POR
Klipspringer POR Sharpe's Grysbok POR
Grey/Vaal Rhebok POR    

Suggested amount of days for Hunts:

Plains / Non-dangerous game:

For a more relaxed safari, with quality time to selectively hunt for good quality trophies a minimum of seven (7) hunting days are suggested.

Animal specific Hunts / SCI level hunts:

These are the hunts that are more focused on previous Safari visitors to South Africa. The hunter has successfully hunted various species and will be going after selected trophies, or certain size trophies. This is especially for the hunter wishing to complete certain levels of their SCI levels. Suggested time to ensure a quality hunt with quality trophies will range between ten (10) and twelve (12) days.

Dangerous Game:

The following hunting time should be considered with regards to different species in this category:

Elephant should be a minimum of ten (10) hunting days
Buffalo should be a minimum of seven (7) hunting days
Leopard should be a minimum of fourteen (14) hunting days
Lion should be a minimum of seven (7) hunting days
Rhino should be a minimum of ten (10) hunting days
Hippo should be a minimum of ten (10) hunting days
Crocodile should be a minimum of ten (10) hunting days
Hyena should be a minimum of seven (7) hunting days

Deposit and Payment details:

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total daily rate is required upon reservation and at least sixty (60) days prior to arrival. In the event of an emergency, client may reschedule hunt for the following year with deposit applied. Balance of daily rate, trophy fees and any additional costs incurred, is payable upon completion of your safari and payable in US$ travelers cheque or US$ Cash.


Indemnity...while every precaution will be taken, Blinkwater Game Farm will not be responsible for any illness, accident, or loss incurred during any contracted safari.

Medical...consult your family physician who may recommend anti-malaria tablets. No vaccinations are required for hunting in South Africa.

Rifle Recommendations...calibers generating bullets speeds of approximately 2400-2800 fps are best suited for African bush hunting. Ultramags are discouraged. Perfect calibers are: .308 Win, 7mm Mauser, .30/06, .270 Win. Best all around caliber for plains game: .338 Winmag. All dangerous game requires a minimum caliber of .375 H & H Mag. Heavy bullets in calibers indicated are optimal.

Archery Requirements...based on current legal requirements. Bow/arrow combos generating at least 65 foot pounds of KE are recommended with moderate to heavy arrows and quality broad heads. Most mechanical heads are NOT recommended!

Wounded Game...clients wounding game are responsible for full payment of trophy fee without exception.

Climate...May thru September...65 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry not humid.

Clothing...light hunting attire, warm jacket, comfortable hiking boots (uninsulated), camp lounging attire. DO NOT over pack as laundry is done daily. Recommend two sets of hunting clothes, three pair of underwear, socks, and t-shirts, and personal toiletries. If hunting in June or early July, recommend very warm jacket, knit cap, and warm gloves.

"For the Love of Hunting, not Shooting..."

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